Wednesday, June 11, 2008

headbands and baby hats

Currently working on: a headband, which looks not too difficult, and is helping me use up some yarn that's been driving me N-V-T-S (nuts!) lately. This one is intended purely for at-home wear. If it works out nicely, I'll make another one to wear in public.

Currently arghing over: a hat for the soonishly-due (well, August) baby belonging to one of the altos in one of my choirs. From trying to decipher the original Norwegian pattern, I *think* my mistake is to count 18 after knitting front and back of one loop; am guessing that it ought to be 17, or that normally the increase would be done by picking up the middle bar between two stitches (in which case 18)? Oh well, I'll try that a little later. Would really like to have it finished by Sunday, so I can hand it over to the prospective mother at the performance that afternoon. Here's hoping...

Friday, June 6, 2008

I can has frist psot, oh yeah

First posts in blogs are often pretty much meaningless. This one is no different.

In 1988 or 1989, in primary school, anyway, I learnt to knit. Badly. So I stopped. Having, however, fallen in love with yarn, I kept intermittently reading about it, but didn't have the courage to actually attempt to knit anything, certainly not while I didn't have anyone to show me. I suppose with some initiative I could have found someone, but I was busy doing ten million other things (TM). OK, I was mostly busy singing. Anyway, at the end of this past March, I finally decided to pull my finger out and just try again. Since then, I've made three pairs of socks, a few hats, and some birds (I really need to get better at embroidery).

I guess I'm just trying to document my attempts at making things, as I have generally been quite clumsy all my life, and am trying to remedy that.

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