Friday, September 30, 2011

Socks and "obligatory" patterns

In the last few months I've managed to complete a few pairs of socks, about a few of which I'd like to write.

First off there are the Toirneach socks which I'd started last November, then put aside after about half an inch's worth of knitting, then picked up again in August. The yarn for them (some lovely BFL by Fyberspates) came from Dottycookie, who decided it wasn't her colour and kindly gave it to me as a present, and the needles were the result of a swap with a raveler living in Sweden. Many thanks again to both of you.

I've also finally managed to complete a pair of Jaywalkers, after various unsuccessful attempts. The yarn in this case is Regia World Ball in the Brazil colourway, knitted on 2.25mm needles with 84 stitches for the main pattern (see again the bit where I mentioned I knit VERY tightly). They're somewhat difficult to get on and off, but they fit nicely and snugly once they're on.

For the other "obligatory" pattern, I'm finally trying to make a BSJ, largely as a means of using up some of the acrylic that I bought early in my knitting career. (I am in the pro-acrylic-for-kids'-things camp.) No photo as yet; perhaps soon, once it's completed.