Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still alive!

I am a bad, bad blogger. I'm knitting, though, so I should really try to document this.
    Currently on the needles:
  • an Irish Hiking Scarf for an unsuspecting friend of mine in (yes, I know) bright blue acrylic. It'll be washable, and the stitches are actually coming out quite nicely. This one is semi-hibernating, as everything else is so much more urgent at the moment.
  • a Just Like A Peasant Cap, for my "Auntie" Beate. Need to finish the sewing-up and finish knitting the band, then I can finally hand it over. There's loads of wool left over, so I think that might become mittens, at Beate's suggestion. She picked Rowan Cocoon, and it's... an experience. I'm not the biggest fan of that yarn as it's so loosely spun I'm constantly worrying about splitting stitches. However, it's quite a pretty yarn, and the colour, a dark wine-red, suits her.
  • a pair of plain stockinette toe-up socks for my friend SL, in cashmere yarn she has provided for me. I need her to try it on again so I know what to do about calf increases. The second one should go much faster, I suspect, as I won't have to get her to try it on all the time.
  • and I've just cast on my very first Monkey - this is my mother-in-law's Christmas present! She knows she's getting socks, so even if she looks here it's not like it'll spoilt the surprise ;-)

Projektleiterin tagged me with a meme a while ago, so I'll finally fill that in now.

1. What I was doing 10 years ago:
I was at university, singing in... actually, only one official choir at that point. Also singing Finnish folk music, which could strike you as a tiny bit unusual in Southern California, I think I may have been in an opera as well, but I'm not totally sure.

2. What 5 things are on on my to-do list for today (in no particular order):
    It's evening, so I'll write this for tomorrow.
  • Get hair cut - I am giving up on pretending that I enjoy having long hair, notwithstanding all the people who tell me I should have it. I just totally lose patience with it at two junctures: around shoulder length (where it is now as I cut it to chin length in the middle of 2007, with various trimmings since then), and around bra-strap/shoulder-blade length (when it usually gets too heavy/flat).
  • Listen to SL sing evensong at King's as she's a member of King's Voices, the mixed choir that sings when the main choir is off-duty.
  • Go to choir (of the silly variety - I've got a serious choir and silly choir).
  • Plot a forthcoming concert in the bar after choir. Er, the plotting is in the bar, not the concert!
  • Knit more of the various things mentioned above, and possibly cast on rainbow socks for my friend Nico.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Good chocolate, gummi sweets, GREEN BALLS, Salmiakki, matzo crack, nachos, various of SL's examples of Singapore street food.

4. Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
First, I'd attempt to invest some of it sensibly. Well, as far as that goes nowadays. Then I'd probably go for the usual initial splurge on books, CDs, LOVELY LOVELY YARN (stuff like enough Colinette Tao to make a few garments, etc.), interesting long-distance train trips (Transsiberian, around Japan, Orient Express, etc.), and so on. And then I'd do really sensible things like give to charity, particularly ones related to environmental causes, and various other awareness causes.

5. Place I have lived:
The American South (Tennessee/Georgia/Texas)
Southern California
This glorious island of irreality that I love (you'll know it if you see it)

Anyway, not tagging anyone as my readership numbers about three, I think! If you feel moved to do this meme, please do.