Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home dyeing

I've just dyed my first batch of yarn. Well, that's probably a slight exaggeration. I bought some sock yarn (Cygnet Wool-Rich 4-ply) from the John Lewis bargain bin, and decided its colour (lilac solid) was insufficient. So, using these instructions, I dyed them in artificial cochineal on one end of the skein and blue food colouring on the other end. It's now a sort of maroon/blueish/brownish/occasionally lilacish colour, drying in the airing cupboard, and will be made into socks shortly (albeit probably very simple ones). Photos will follow when they're done. Quick note to add - the heating was done in the microwave - 2 minutes on High, 10 minutes on Simmer, then took the bowl out and placed it in the (empty) bathtub to cool.

Other knitting news:

  • No real progress to speak of on the headband. Will try again later with another yarn, and am donating the yarn I'd used so far to a friend who's just learning to knit.
  • No progress whatsoever on the hats for the imminent choir babies (different choirs, but both due in August AFAIK). This will be remedied forthwith.
  • I'm teaching a friend of mine to knit. This is fun.
  • I started an Irish Hiking Scarf (mind out, link to PDF) for an unsuspecting friend of mine. Nearly halfway done now. Yay!