Friday, September 24, 2010

Warm Hands

I recently took part, through the Drachenwolle group on Ravelry, in the Warm Hands project to send socks and other knitted items to a community of Innu in northern Labrador. These are the socks I gave to my friend Katherine to drop off in Toronto; hopefully they'll arrive in time. I also sent off the socks below, which have already arrived. Hopefully they will come to good use, and will be enjoyed - here is the post describing the first load of socks that arrived from the DW group!

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Melly said...

Hey Dear, I just thought I would pay you a visit. Thanks for always asking "how are you" while I was gone. I am back in bloggerland now. Hope to see more of you again soon.Hope you are doing well! (((HUG)))
love and hugs